Monday, April 16, 2012

All in a rug

Yesterday I bought a rug.

I haven't had carpet of any kind in my house since...  I don't really remember.  Let's see, in Lima my apartment didn't have carpets or rugs.  Tacna?  Nope not in any of the three apartment.  Well, maybe before I went to Peru.  Let's see where did I live?  Oh right, the Gorham street house.  Nope.  Zilch. Nada.  No carpet.  The last time I had carpet in the living room was the First Street apartment.  That would be in 2005.

You're probably asking yourself the question that I asked so many times in attempt to put off the expensive of a large area rug.  What's the big deal with a rug?  Is it really all that important?  I mean I've lived without one for 7 years.  And besides, wood floors are pretty and in style.  I agree with all of that and yet, there is something different about my living room now.

We threw down a five foot by seven foot "chocolate ripple" rug over our wood laminate.  We moved some of the furniture around and now I can't get enough of living in this room.  There is something relaxing and peaceful.   I came home from work and the gym today and I sat on my couch and let the peace wash over me.  After dinner, I sat on the rug and leaned against my husband who had fallen asleep on the couch and was able to be still.  God and thankfulness to Him washed over me as I was still.  I'm now propped up on a couch pillow sprawled on the rug blogging with Shane and Shane on Pandora.  More relaxed than in month.  This is my cozy safe place.

Who would've thought a rug could initiate all that?

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  1. It totally makes sense Tanya :) The year we lived in Spring Arbor, our house was painted in really bright colors. Although they were fun and pretty, I didn't realize that something was missing until we moved into our new home. As I considered colors, I asked myself what I loved. The answer: the ocean. Our current home is decorated in relaxing ocean tones. It reminds me of all my great memories of visiting the sea :) Enjoy the rug!