Thursday, February 2, 2012


So, there was this semester in college that I lived in a house rather than a dorm.  For some reason also that semester, my classes were insanely easy.  Now, I'm sure I could have put in extra time and learned about 300% more than I did but I didn't.  My housemates were either much better students than I, or they had harder classes for they always had homework when I had none.  I remember that more than once a week as they were studying I would come out of my bedroom and yell "PLAY!!!" hoping for them to drop everything and do something fun. Unfortunately for their grades, I was successful more times than I should have been.  It was one of the most fun semesters of college.

This weekend I had a great time of play.  I was off work Friday and had a three day weekend to do nothing but play.  I relaxed, read an entire novel, watched movies, went shopping, and watched the sunset at the beach with my husband.  Sunday night I was as relaxed as a cat.

My life at the moment is the exact opposite of that semester in college.  I'm the housemate with the difficult and time-consuming things.  Yet this weekend I remembered the importance of throwing everything down and   just playing.  Those times center me and bring me back to who I am.  I need to hear myself shout "play" a little more often...