Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not about the new year

So, I just realized that this might look like a new year's resolution.  I hadn't intended it to be that way although it works that way.  This idea was spurred on by two things.  Three actually.  I've wanted to find a way of keeping in touch with those that live far from me for a long time.  But the two things that helped me do this today are a friend's blog about naming the years and my starting to read a book called "the hole in our gospel."  I don't know if the book is good because I've only read 10 pages and I don't want to steal my friends idea (as you are probably reading this). But, the idea made me think about what I want from this year and the book started to revive thoughts and passions and beliefs that I struggle to remember and keep alive.  So, I'm not naming my year but I am walking purposefully into this year trying to fill in the holes in what I believe, in what's important, in relationships, in work, in finances.  I'm purposely going to let God work in me and on me to make me whole....


I've always admired people that have a way with words.  I read their blogs and wish I could sit down and chat with them.  I've also always admired people that are great at keeping in touch.  Many of you are those people.  You sit down and write an email or you pick up the phone.  You make skype dates and catch up on life.  As I watch you connect and fill each other in on life, I'm secretly envious of your ability to keep those lines of communication open.

Today, I've stopped envying.  I've stopped admiring.  I've started doing.  Although others may stumble upon this, I'm writing to you that I've invited to read this.  This is my keeping in touch; my sharing of self. I've come to realize that I am different and as that impacts everything I do, it also impacts my sharing.  What isn't different is that my relationships with you are important, very important, to me.  So, this may not be a skype date(although i do like those), and it may not be a phone call (even though I wish I had time for that).  It is similar to an email in that I invite you to interact with me and pray for me and encourage me as I walk through life.  It's not your normal email however.  It's something new.  It's something different.  It's me.