Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reflections from the road

This week I got back from Peru.  After two years away, it was a good and necessary trip but oh so exhausting.   I did have a a couple of moments to think and enjoy silence.  Here are some thoughts that I had as I was leaving....

March 16
The first time I moved to Peru, i was a mess.  Literally.  I was doubled over in pain and couldn't stand up.  Melly Mel and laura had to help me to the car and get me to choke down tums.  i got on the plane and fell asleep.  i was so tired i didn't realize the plane sat at the gate for two hours while I slept. The pain in my tummy wore off but my nervousness and excitement did not.  I was ready to "change the world."

I got there and it was so different and so strange.  I felt lost and unknown.  Time wore on and it became my home.  Today, I'm heading back after two years and my question is this:  will it be home or unknown? 

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  1. it was an honor, and absolute honor to be with you that night.