Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not about the new year

So, I just realized that this might look like a new year's resolution.  I hadn't intended it to be that way although it works that way.  This idea was spurred on by two things.  Three actually.  I've wanted to find a way of keeping in touch with those that live far from me for a long time.  But the two things that helped me do this today are a friend's blog about naming the years and my starting to read a book called "the hole in our gospel."  I don't know if the book is good because I've only read 10 pages and I don't want to steal my friends idea (as you are probably reading this). But, the idea made me think about what I want from this year and the book started to revive thoughts and passions and beliefs that I struggle to remember and keep alive.  So, I'm not naming my year but I am walking purposefully into this year trying to fill in the holes in what I believe, in what's important, in relationships, in work, in finances.  I'm purposely going to let God work in me and on me to make me whole....

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